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Project Description Owner Last Change
bash.d.git My personal bash configuration. root 29 hours ago
mutt.git My personal Mutt configuration. root 2 months ago
untangle-https-backup.git Back up Untangle configuration... root 2 months ago
amavis-logwatch.git Maintained fork of amavis... root 2 months ago
postfix-logwatch.git Maintained fork of postfix... root 2 months ago
sage.d.git My personal library of Sage... root 5 months ago
mjotex.git My personal library of LaTeX... root 7 months ago
xfce4-hdaps.git An XFCE4 panel plugin for... root 8 months ago
valtz.git Fork of the simple validation... root 12 months ago
emacs.d.git My personal emacs configuration. root 12 months ago
mailshears.git Prune unused mail directories. root 15 months ago
apply-default-acl.git Applies default POSIX ACLs... root 16 months ago
dunshire.git CVXOPT-based library for solvi... root 18 months ago
firefox-user-prefs.git My personal Firefox user.js... root 18 months ago
mailbox-count.git Count mailboxes in a SQL database. root 20 months ago
haeredes.git Confirm delegation of NS and... root 20 months ago
mjo-overlay.git A Gentoo overlay containing... root 2 years ago
email-validator.git Perform basic syntax and deliv... root 2 years ago
spline3.git Haskell implementation of... root 2 years ago
hath.git Haskell program for working... root 2 years ago
numerical-analysis.git A library of numerical analysi... root 2 years ago
dead/harbl.git (DEAD) Haskell library for... root 3 years ago
dead/halcyon.git (DEAD) Halcyon monitors Twitte... root 3 years ago
emacs-keys.git Emacs keymaps for consoles... root 3 years ago
beamer-umbc.git My UMBC Beamer (LaTeX presenta... root 4 years ago
nagios-mode.git An Emacs mode for Nagios confi... root 4 years ago
list-remote-forwards.git List remote forwards for mail... root 4 years ago
dead/check_openvpn-simple.git (DEAD) A Nagios plugin for... root 4 years ago
dead/htsn-import.git (DEAD) Import XML files from... root 6 years ago
dead/htsn.git (DEAD) XML feed reader for... root 7 years ago
dead/htsn-common.git (DEAD) Display/logging facilit... root 7 years ago
dead/whatever-dl.git (DEAD) Download utility for... root 7 years ago
octave.git My personal library of (probab... root 8 years ago
dead/lwn-epub.git (DEAD) Convert issues of LWN... root 8 years ago
dead/census-tools.git (DEAD) Python library and... root 11 years ago
dead/janitor.git (DEAD) Utility to clean up... root 12 years ago
dead/hzsff.git (DEAD) Parser for Zed's STFU... root 12 years ago
dead/htnef.git (DEAD) TNEF (winmail.dat)... root 12 years ago
dead/hfusk.git (DEAD) Haskell implementation... root 12 years ago
dead/pictar.git (DEAD) A browser/template... root 12 years ago
dead/third_party_db_auth.git (DEAD) MediaWiki third-party... root 13 years ago