2019-03-08 Michael Orlitzkyemail-validator.cabal: set version to 1.0.0, this is... master 1.0.0
2019-03-08 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate the documentation to eliminate the "--input...
2019-03-08 Michael OrlitzkyRemove the "--input" and "--output" command-line flags.
2019-03-08 Michael Orlitzkyemail-validator.cabal: enable more compiler warnings.
2019-03-08 Michael Orlitzkysrc/Main.hs: use only explicit import lists.
2019-03-08 Michael Orlitzkysrc/Main.hs: add explicit export list.
2019-03-08 Michael Orlitzkysrc/ExitCodes.hs: add explicit export list.
2019-03-08 Michael Orlitzkysrc/CommandLine.hs: remove redundant Typeable derivation.
2019-03-08 Michael Orlitzkymakefile: remove deprecated "hscolour" pass over docs.
2019-03-08 Michael Orlitzkyemail-validator.cabal, makefile: remove old, untested...
2019-03-08 Michael Orlitzkysrc/Main.hs: use "mapM_" instead of "_ <- mapM" in...
2019-03-08 Michael Orlitzkyemail-validator.cabal: add missing other-modules.
2019-03-08 Michael Orlitzkytest/Doctests.hs: update include path for newer Cabal...
2019-03-08 Michael Orlitzkyemail-validator.cabal: remove all upper version bounds...
2016-11-08 Michael OrlitzkySwitch from GPL-3 to AGPL-3 and update project URLs.
2014-03-15 Michael OrlitzkyAllow any 0.x version of tasty and bump to version...
2014-03-15 Michael OrlitzkyBump tasty dependencies again. 0.0.3
2014-02-15 Michael OrlitzkyRemove periods from test descriptions.
2014-02-15 Michael OrlitzkyBump the email-validate dependency.
2014-02-15 Michael OrlitzkyWhitespace cleanup in Main, import from EmailAddress...
2014-02-15 Michael OrlitzkyWhitespace cleanup in CommandLine.
2014-02-15 Michael OrlitzkyMinor makefile cleanups.
2013-11-22 Michael OrlitzkyGreatly simplify the CommandLine module.
2013-11-22 Michael OrlitzkyBump the version to 0.0.3 in the cabal file.
2013-10-05 Michael OrlitzkyBump the version to 0.0.2. 0.0.2
2013-10-05 Michael OrlitzkyIncrease the timeout from 5s to 10s.
2013-06-11 Michael OrlitzkyAdd input/output sections to the cabal description.
2013-06-10 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate the description in the man page.
2013-06-10 Michael OrlitzkyAdd an --rfc5322 option which validates against the...
2013-06-09 Michael OrlitzkySimplify a few lines of tests.
2013-06-09 Michael OrlitzkyUse a hyphen instead of an underscore in the program...
2013-06-09 Michael OrlitzkyAdd early draft of a man page.
2013-06-09 Michael OrlitzkyAdd length tests and fix zero-length domain bug.
2013-06-09 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the test suite.
2013-06-09 Michael OrlitzkySplit the email address functions into their own module.
2013-05-29 Michael OrlitzkyAdd some comments.
2013-05-29 Michael OrlitzkyAdd command-line processing.
2013-05-29 Michael OrlitzkyAdd two more dependencies, cmdargs and directory.
2013-05-29 Michael OrlitzkyGet things into shape, it actually validates addresses...
2013-05-28 Michael OrlitzkyInitial commit, nothing working.