2014-09-23 Michael OrlitzkyBump to v0.1.1 and allow >= network-2.6. master 0.1.1
2014-07-14 Michael OrlitzkyBump version to 0.1.0. 0.1.0
2014-05-29 Michael OrlitzkyMinor version bump to fix a test. 0.0.11
2014-05-29 Michael OrlitzkyRelax dependencies and fix a deprecation warning. 0.0.10
2014-04-23 Michael OrlitzkyBump version to allow network-2.5. 0.0.9
2014-04-09 Michael OrlitzkyUse --format=ustar when creating a source tarball.
2014-04-09 Michael OrlitzkyFix tasty dependencies, bump to 0.0.8. 0.0.8
2014-01-28 Michael OrlitzkyFix the "no feed hosts" check and add a shelltest for... 0.0.7
2014-01-27 Michael OrlitzkyMinor cleanups in Main. 0.0.6
2014-01-27 Michael OrlitzkyFix feed_hosts command-line parsing.
2014-01-27 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a fifteen minute data timeout within the main loop.
2014-01-27 Michael OrlitzkyBump the cabal version.
2014-01-27 Michael OrlitzkyDocument the DEBUG log level.
2014-01-22 Michael OrlitzkyDrop the overkill CFLAGS. 0.0.5
2014-01-22 Michael OrlitzkyDisable building with the threaded runtime.
2014-01-21 Michael OrlitzkyFix the profiling build and a few typos. Bump version...
2014-01-14 Michael OrlitzkyMinor documentation fixes; create all (even internal...
2014-01-10 Michael OrlitzkyAdd two periods at the end of info messages.
2014-01-09 Michael OrlitzkyReorder init_logging arguments to match htsn-common. 0.0.4
2014-01-08 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate pidfile documentation.
2014-01-08 Michael OrlitzkyMake the 'doc' target phony.
2014-01-08 Michael OrlitzkyWrap the entire daemonization process in an exception...
2013-12-30 Michael OrlitzkyBump tasty dependencies.
2013-12-29 Michael OrlitzkyMove Logging, Report, and Terminal into their own libra...
2013-12-29 Michael OrlitzkyMove the Report, Logging, and Terminal modules into...
2013-12-28 Michael OrlitzkyMove the TSN namespace (Xml.hs and FeedHosts.hs) into...
2013-12-24 Michael OrlitzkyVersion bump to 0.0.3 just for the fixed openrc init. 0.0.3
2013-12-24 Michael OrlitzkyRemove 'need dns' from the openrc init file.
2013-12-24 Michael OrlitzkyBump version to 0.0.2 and make some small documentation... 0.0.2
2013-12-24 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the example openrc init file.
2013-12-24 Michael OrlitzkyBump tasty dep and fix a --prefix line in the makefile.
2013-12-24 Michael OrlitzkyAdd error handling in the daemonization process.
2013-12-24 Michael OrlitzkyUse a global configuration file (again).
2013-12-24 Michael OrlitzkyChange the default pidfile location.
2013-12-24 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate the man page to reflect the global configuration...
2013-12-24 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate cabal description again.
2013-12-24 Michael OrlitzkyFix variables and examples in htsnrc.example.
2013-12-23 Michael OrlitzkyFix typo.
2013-12-23 Michael OrlitzkySet --prefix=/ in the makefile.
2013-12-23 Michael OrlitzkyQuote example user/group names.
2013-12-23 Michael OrlitzkyAdd more cabal description.
2013-12-23 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the *.cabal file to the `make doc` dependencies.
2013-12-23 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a better Cabal description.
2013-12-23 Michael OrlitzkyAdd trailing slash in URL.
2013-12-23 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a "CONFIGURATION FILE" section to the man page.
2013-12-23 Michael OrlitzkyRetain umask after daemonizing.
2013-12-23 Michael OrlitzkyFinish updating the manpage; make the example config...
2013-12-23 Michael OrlitzkyAdd more code documentation.
2013-12-23 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a bunch of new options allowing htsn to daemonize.
2013-12-22 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate the man page to reflect current reality.
2013-12-22 Michael OrlitzkyDisable syslog by default.
2013-12-22 Michael OrlitzkyRemove *.xml files in `make clean`.
2013-12-22 Michael OrlitzkyTake feed_hosts as the final list of arguments.
2013-12-22 Michael OrlitzkyTiny whitespace fix.
2013-12-22 Michael OrlitzkyRemove more better in `make clean`.
2013-12-22 Michael OrlitzkyReturn an Either from parse_xmlfid instead of a Maybe...
2013-12-21 Michael OrlitzkyFinally get logging right.
2013-12-21 Michael OrlitzkyAttempt to implement syslog logging; fail at least...
2013-12-21 Michael OrlitzkyBased on TSN documentation, split XML documents on...
2013-12-21 Michael OrlitzkyAdd scaffolding to allow logging via syslog or a file.
2013-12-20 Michael OrlitzkyAd rudimentary hslogger logging.
2013-12-20 Michael OrlitzkyAdd hslogger as a dependency.
2013-12-20 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate the man page with new logging plans.
2013-12-20 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a Tasty test suite.
2013-12-20 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the TSN directory as deps in the makefile.
2013-12-20 Michael OrlitzkyTiny change to the description used in CmdArgs.
2013-12-20 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a man page, work in progress.
2013-12-20 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate the comment at the top of htsntc.example.
2013-12-20 Michael OrlitzkyAdd more code comments.
2013-12-20 Michael OrlitzkyMove FeedHosts under the TSN namespace.
2013-12-18 Michael OrlitzkyAllow a global /etc/htsnrc to override the user's ...
2013-12-18 Michael OrlitzkyAdd an example configuration file.
2013-12-18 Michael OrlitzkyRemove a comment about the bug fixed in CmdArgs.
2013-12-18 Michael OrlitzkyBump the cmdargs dependency to fix a bug.
2013-11-28 Michael OrlitzkyRemove redundant "do".
2013-11-23 Michael OrlitzkyUse the round-robin approach to choosing a hostname.
2013-11-23 Michael OrlitzkyRemove useless deepseqs.
2013-11-23 Michael OrlitzkyInitial commit of something working.