2012-12-01 Michael OrlitzkyBump a few dependencies, fix compilation failures. master
2012-10-03 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the other-modules field to the cabal file to make...
2012-09-28 Michael Orlitzky"Fix" the unicode URL bug.
2012-09-27 Michael OrlitzkyBump cmdargs dependency to 0.10.*.
2012-08-23 Michael OrlitzkyMerge branch 'master' of
2012-08-21 Michael OrlitzkyMake show_help work.
2012-08-20 Michael OrlitzkyInclude the makefile in the tarball. v0.0.2
2012-08-20 Michael OrlitzkyAdd missing cabal fields. v0.0.1
2012-08-20 Michael OrlitzkyAdd LICENSE and README files.
2012-08-20 Michael OrlitzkyAdd an 'install' makefile target.
2012-08-20 Michael OrlitzkyBump the version to 0.0.1 in the cabal file.
2012-08-20 Michael OrlitzkyReplace the curl routines with http-conduit ones.
2012-08-20 Michael OrlitzkyReturn-style fix.
2012-08-20 Michael OrlitzkyPrint an error before usage if we can't parse the page.
2012-08-20 Michael OrlitzkySwitch from a FilePath to a CookieJar in the config.
2012-08-20 Michael OrlitzkyAdd http-conduit and http-types dependencies.
2012-08-19 Michael OrlitzkyAdd LICENSE and README files.
2012-08-19 Michael OrlitzkyAdd an 'install' makefile target.
2012-07-14 Michael OrlitzkyReplace double newlines with "<br /><br />" in <pre...
2012-07-14 Michael OrlitzkyFix the duplicated full story body bug.
2012-07-14 Michael OrlitzkyIf we don't have the contents of a particular full...
2012-07-14 Michael OrlitzkyRemove full story paragraphs if we aren't going to...
2012-07-13 Michael OrlitzkyUse an exact match for the "Full Story" link text.
2012-07-13 Michael OrlitzkyFix the --full-story handling.
2012-07-13 Michael OrlitzkyDon't download full stories if we aren't going to use...
2012-07-12 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a --full-stories option which may or may not work.
2012-07-12 Michael OrlitzkyRemove a debug putStrLn.
2012-07-09 Michael OrlitzkyUse parallel-io instead of mapM to download images...
2012-07-09 Michael OrlitzkyOnly fetch login cookies once.
2012-07-08 Michael OrlitzkyMove the pure-xml functions into the LWN.XHTML module.
2012-07-08 Michael OrlitzkyMove the wrapper div inside the ArticlePage to_xhtml...
2012-07-07 Michael OrlitzkyMove the main processing functions into the LWN.Page...
2012-06-30 Michael OrlitzkyWhitespace cleanup.
2012-06-30 Michael OrlitzkySource reorganization and cleanup.
2012-06-30 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a trailing newline to the Misc module.
2012-06-30 Michael OrlitzkyClean up some types now that I know what I'm doing.
2012-06-29 Michael OrlitzkyFinal cleanups to get the download working.
2012-06-29 Michael OrlitzkyMove some IO out of the HTTP module.
2012-06-29 Michael OrlitzkyTrivial whitespace cleanup.
2012-06-28 Michael OrlitzkyAdd trailing slashes to URLs.
2012-06-28 Michael OrlitzkyChange the program name to 'lwn-epub' in the CommandLin...
2012-06-28 Michael OrlitzkyUse 'find' to locate all source files in the makefile.
2012-06-28 Michael OrlitzkyDon't crash if the config file doesn't exist.
2012-06-28 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the add_trailing_slash function and tests.
2012-06-28 Michael OrlitzkyAttempt to implement article downloading.
2012-06-28 Michael OrlitzkyAdd some tests for the article URL construction.
2012-06-28 Michael OrlitzkyAdd config file parsing.
2012-06-27 Michael OrlitzkyImplement image download and replacement.
2012-06-27 Michael OrlitzkyAlways show help if parsing fails.
2012-06-27 Michael OrlitzkyFix up the absolute URI functions/tests.
2012-06-27 Michael OrlitzkyBegin working on image replacemenent.
2012-06-26 Michael OrlitzkyImplement URL filename parsing (with tests) and the...
2012-06-26 Michael OrlitzkyAdd download-curl dependency for saving images.
2012-06-26 Michael OrlitzkyAdd curl-fu for logging in and retrieving pages.
2012-06-26 Michael OrlitzkyCombine a few tests.
2012-06-26 Michael OrlitzkyAdd indentation.
2012-06-26 Michael OrlitzkyAdd link-to-span preprocessing.
2012-06-25 Michael OrlitzkyBegin working on determining the article argument type.
2012-06-25 Michael OrlitzkyCreate a test suite and add `make test` target.
2012-06-25 Michael OrlitzkyCombine ArticlePage and FullPage into one Page type.
2012-06-24 Michael OrlitzkyUse cmdargs to parse the one command-line argument.
2012-06-24 Michael OrlitzkyGo through a good bit of nonsense to get it successfull...
2012-06-23 Michael OrlitzkyBegin work on the full page code.
2012-06-23 Michael OrlitzkySwitch from epub to pandoc for epub creation.
2012-06-23 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a first draft using HXT, HandsomeSoup, and the...
2012-06-22 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a dependency on tagsoup.
2012-06-22 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a .gitignore for the dist directory.
2012-06-22 Michael OrlitzkyInitial commit. Hello, world.