2018-12-07 Michael Orlitzkysrc/Integration/Simpson.hs: fix monomorphism restrictio... master
2018-12-07 Michael Orlitzkysrc/Integration/Gaussian.hs: fix monomorphism restricti...
2018-12-07 Michael Orlitzkysrc/Integration/Trapezoid.hs: fix monomorphism restrict...
2018-12-07 Michael Orlitzkysrc/ODE/IVP.hs: fix monomorphism restriction warning.
2018-12-07 Michael Orlitzkysrc/Linear/QR.hs: fix monomorphism restriction warning.
2018-12-07 Michael Orlitzkysrc/FEM/R1.hs: fix monomorphism restriction warnings.
2018-12-07 Michael Orlitzkysrc/Roots/Fast.hs: fix monomorphism restriction warnings.
2018-12-07 Michael Orlitzkysrc/Roots/Simple.hs: fix monomorphism restriction warning.
2018-12-07 Michael Orlitzkysrc/Polynomials/Orthogonal.hs: fix monomorphism restric...
2018-12-07 Michael Orlitzkysrc/Misc.hs: fix monomorphism restriction warnings.
2018-12-07 Michael Orlitzkysrc/Linear/Matrix.hs: define "one" in the ring of matrices.
2018-12-07 Michael Orlitzkysrc/Linear/Matrix.hs: add support for zero-length colum...
2018-12-07 Michael Orlitzkysrc/Normed.hs: combine zero- and nonzero-length impleme...
2018-12-07 Michael Orlitzkysrc/Linear/Vector.hs: add a Vec0 type.
2018-12-07 Michael Orlitzkysrc: import only instances from Prelude, where appropriate.
2018-12-07 Michael Orlitzkynumerical-analysis.cabal: add BigFloat to exposed-modules.
2018-12-07 Michael Orlitzkynumerical-analysis.cabal: update fixed-vector and docte...
2014-04-15 Michael OrlitzkyFix a bug in the relative error.
2014-04-14 Michael OrlitzkyRemove some commented code from FEM.R1.
2014-04-14 Michael OrlitzkyAdd relative error functions to FEM.R1.
2014-04-14 Michael OrlitzkyAdd natural numbers up to N64.
2014-04-13 Michael OrlitzkySpeed up the Cholesky factorization with a fold.
2014-04-13 Michael OrlitzkyAdd column synonyms up to Col32.
2014-04-13 Michael OrlitzkyAdd natural numbers up to N32.
2014-04-13 Michael OrlitzkyFix bugs in big_K, big_M.
2014-04-07 Michael OrlitzkyAdd Mat6 and Mat7 synonyms.
2014-04-07 Michael OrlitzkyRemove solution', because what did it do?
2014-04-07 Michael OrlitzkyFix a few warnings.
2014-04-07 Michael OrlitzkyCommit whatever I was working on last and have forgotte...
2014-02-19 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a FEM.R1 example (should be moved into the tree...
2014-02-19 Michael OrlitzkyFinish the FEM.R1 solution for Dirichlet boundary condi...
2014-02-19 Michael OrlitzkyRequire a matrix to be nonempty if we're going to QR...
2014-02-19 Michael OrlitzkyGeneralize the signature of zipwith2.
2014-02-19 Michael OrlitzkyUse the element_sum2 function to sum the terms in Gauss...
2014-02-19 Michael OrlitzkyFix the type of zip2 to be more general.
2014-02-19 Michael OrlitzkyUse the Col type synonym in the column Normed instance.
2014-02-19 Michael OrlitzkyFix the column matrix 1-norm (it was missing the absolu...
2014-02-19 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the list_plot' function to Piecewise.
2014-02-16 Michael OrlitzkyAdd 'coefficients' to FEM.R1 which solves the desired...
2014-02-16 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a preliminary Piecewise module.
2014-02-16 Michael OrlitzkyDefine Col6...Col9 types in Linear.Matrix.
2014-02-16 Michael OrlitzkyExport everything from Z to N20 from Naturals.
2014-02-12 Michael OrlitzkyFix the incorrect definition of "minor".
2014-02-12 Michael OrlitzkyAdd big_K code to FEM.R1.
2014-02-12 Michael OrlitzkyUse a better implementation of backwards_substitute.
2014-02-12 Michael OrlitzkyAdd Linear.Matrix.ifoldr2.
2014-02-11 Michael OrlitzkyImplement forward substitute in terms of a fold.
2014-02-11 Michael OrlitzkyAdd Linear.Matrix.set_idx.
2014-02-11 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate Integration.Gaussian to use zip2.
2014-02-11 Michael OrlitzkyGeneralize colzip and colzipwith to any matrices.
2014-02-11 Michael OrlitzkyFix backward_substitute.
2014-02-11 Michael OrlitzkyAdd reverse2 to Linear.Matrix.
2014-02-11 Michael OrlitzkyAdd Eq constraints throughout Linear.Iteration.
2014-02-11 Michael OrlitzkyAdd another test for 'cholesky'.
2014-02-08 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the imap2 function to Linear.Matrix.
2014-02-08 Michael OrlitzkyMake safe indexing slower but not dependent on the...
2014-02-08 Michael OrlitzkyRemove the "row" function which returned a vector inste...
2014-02-07 Michael OrlitzkyDrop the 'column' function that returned a vector inste...
2014-02-07 Michael OrlitzkyRename matmap to map2.
2014-02-07 Michael OrlitzkyMore progress on the 1d FEM, the "big F" vector is...
2014-02-07 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the 'ifoldl2' function to Linear.Matrix.
2014-02-07 Michael OrlitzkyFix a typo.
2014-02-07 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a bunch more natural numbers in the Naturals module.
2014-02-06 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the (in progress) FEM.R1 module.
2014-02-06 Michael OrlitzkyFix some docs in Roots.Simple.
2014-02-05 Michael OrlitzkyImplement Gaussian quadrature and test it.
2014-02-05 Michael OrlitzkyRename zipcol to colzip.
2014-02-05 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the Integration.Gaussian.nodes_and_weights function.
2014-02-05 Michael OrlitzkyAdd zipcol and matmap functions in Linear.Matrix.
2014-02-04 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the Integration.Gaussian module where we begin...
2014-02-04 Michael OrlitzkyAdd comments to Linear.QR about non-convergence.
2014-02-04 Michael OrlitzkyFinish the eigenvectors_symmetric tests.
2014-02-04 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the eigenvectors_symmetric function and begin writi...
2014-02-04 Michael OrlitzkyImplement the QR algorithm for computing eigenvalues.
2014-02-04 Michael OrlitzkyAdd type synonyms for column/row matrices.
2014-02-03 Michael OrlitzkySmall cleanups in Linear.Vector.
2014-02-03 Michael OrlitzkyClean up imports everywhere.
2014-02-03 Michael OrlitzkyAdd tolerant versions of is_{upper,lower}_triangular.
2014-02-02 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a Normed instance for (Vec n a).
2014-02-02 Michael OrlitzkySwitch Linear.Vector to the numeric prelude and add...
2014-02-02 Michael OrlitzkyRemove old comment from Normed.
2014-02-02 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the Frobenius norm to Linear.Matrix.
2014-02-02 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the Linear.QR module and update the ghci/cabal...
2014-02-02 Michael OrlitzkyNew function: Linear.Matrix.identity_matrix.
2014-02-02 Michael OrlitzkyFix implementation of Linear.Matrix.construct.
2014-01-30 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the Polynomials.Orthogonal module.
2014-01-30 Michael OrlitzkyBump dependencies.
2013-08-15 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the rayleigh_quotient function.
2013-07-21 Michael OrlitzkyAdd Gauss-Seidel and SOR iterative methods.
2013-07-21 Michael OrlitzkyRename 'diagonal' to 'diagonal_part'.
2013-07-21 Michael OrlitzkyFix a bunch of hlint warnings.
2013-07-21 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate ghci/cabal files to load the new module.
2013-07-21 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the Linear.Iteration module.
2013-07-21 Michael OrlitzkyAdd another example for forward_substitute.
2013-07-21 Michael OrlitzkyAdd 'diagonal' function.
2013-07-21 Michael OrlitzkyConstrain Normed instance to column vectors (m-by-1...
2013-07-01 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the unit_roundoff function.
2013-06-08 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate numeric-prelude and fixed-vector.
2013-02-24 Michael OrlitzkyGet determinants working.
2013-02-24 Michael OrlitzkyReplace the whole Matrix implementation with something...