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descriptionMy personal library of (probably bad) Octave code.
last changeSat, 11 May 2013 19:46:12 +0000 (15:46 -0400)
2013-05-11 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the cholesky_inf() function. master
2013-05-08 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the spectral_radius() function.
2013-05-07 Michael OrlitzkyRevert "Return a more-useful column vector from partiti...
2013-05-07 Michael OrlitzkyReturn a more-useful column vector from partition();
2013-05-07 Michael OrlitzkyPlace the 'omega' parameter to successive_over_relaxati...
2013-05-07 Michael OrlitzkyAdd classical_iteration() sans comments, refactor jacob...
2013-05-06 Michael OrlitzkyUse infinity norms in jacobi().
2013-05-06 Michael OrlitzkyAdd jacobi.m.
2013-05-05 Michael OrlitzkyCheck for error flag in rank_k_approximation().
2013-05-05 Michael OrlitzkyFix existing rank_k_approximation() tests; add new...
2013-05-05 Michael OrlitzkyCheck for the easy case in rank_k_approximation().
2013-05-04 Michael OrlitzkyFix a comment.
2013-05-04 Michael OrlitzkyAdd rank_k_approximation() and its tests.
2013-03-26 Michael OrlitzkyAdd MATLAB ellipses.
2013-03-26 Michael OrlitzkyMangle the PCGM tests, commit something that just might...
2013-03-26 Michael OrlitzkyFix p/g mixup that I just put back.
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