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description(DEAD) Haskell library for Real-time BlackList (RBL) lookups.
last changeMon, 13 Aug 2018 19:23:49 +0000 (15:23 -0400)
2018-08-13 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a few farewell TODO items. master
2015-12-08 Michael OrlitzkyFix typo in module docs.
2015-07-18 Michael OrlitzkyFix hlint suggestions.
2015-07-18 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a "threshold" to the configuration.
2015-07-17 Michael OrlitzkyClean up the configurator code in the CLI app.
2015-07-17 Michael OrlitzkyAdd Default and Ord instances for Weight.
2015-07-14 Michael OrlitzkySeparate the Network.DNS.RBL.Weight module and fix...
2015-07-13 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a "new" exit code (shift them all, really) for...
2015-07-13 Michael OrlitzkyFinish moving all of the DNS name components under...
2015-07-13 Michael OrlitzkyRemove underlying Char from Hyphen type.
2015-07-11 Michael OrlitzkyBegin moving the name parsers to the Network.DNS.RBL...
2015-07-11 Michael OrlitzkyAdd back a TODO.
2015-07-11 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the Reversible class.
2015-07-10 Michael OrlitzkyReplace 'UserDomain' with 'Host' in the library.
2015-07-09 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the Network.DNS.RBL.Host module.
2015-07-09 Michael OrlitzkyFix parsing of labels beginning with digits.
4 years ago master