descriptionMy personal bash configuration.
last changeMon, 25 Oct 2021 00:37:33 +0000 (20:37 -0400)
3 days ago Michael drop yasm reference (no longer exists). master
2021-10-12 Michael add --disable-notebook to sage-configure.
2021-10-09 Michael add --with-system-qhull=force (SageMath Trac...
2021-09-23 Michael add --with-system-curl=force to sage-configure().
2021-08-19 Michael pass args to sage-configure
2021-07-26 Michael add sage-configure() function.
2021-04-22 Michael new file with a fix for busted GPG-over-SSH.
2020-07-03 Michael export FFLAGS, too.
2020-06-25 Michael don't alias "emacs" if we're in an emacs...
2020-06-25 Michael Orlitzkyaliases: use no-window emacs.
2020-06-25 Michael Orlitzkyaliases: add "--total" to the "du" alias.
2020-05-19 Michael OrlitzkyGive everything a ".sh" suffix.
2020-05-19 Michael Orlitzkycompilation: export the non-standard HCFLAGS variable.
2020-01-18 Michael Orlitzkycompilation: export FCFLAGS.
2020-01-18 Michael Orlitzkysage: set SAGE_DEBUG=no.
2020-01-14 Michael Orlitzkycompilation: don't source unreadable files.
3 days ago master