description(DEAD) Halcyon monitors Twitter accounts and emails new tweets.
last changeMon, 13 Aug 2018 19:15:45 +0000 (15:15 -0400)
2018-08-13 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a farewell TODO list. master
2014-07-17 Michael OrlitzkyDisable TLS certificate verification to make it more...
2014-07-16 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the Unix module and enable daemonization.
2014-07-16 Michael OrlitzkyAdd configuration options for daemonize, pidfile, run_a...
2014-07-16 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a .ghci file.
2014-07-16 Michael OrlitzkyAdd more tests and remove the dependency on regex-compat.
2014-07-16 Michael OrlitzkyClean up a bunch of code and comments.
2014-07-16 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a doctest suite.
2014-07-16 Michael OrlitzkyBump all dependencies and switch from test-framework...
2014-07-16 Michael OrlitzkyClean up the makefile and switch to ustar format.
2013-12-15 Michael OrlitzkyClean up imports.
2013-12-14 Michael OrlitzkyBump tagsoup dependency.
2013-08-30 Michael OrlitzkyFix two unsafe casts.
2013-08-30 Michael OrlitzkyRename the project to Halcyon.
2013-08-28 Michael OrlitzkyBugfix: help wasn't being shown when no usernames were...
2013-08-27 Michael OrlitzkySet a lower bound on cmdargs to avoid a bug.
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