2021-08-25 Michael Orlitzkymailcap-epiphany: add mailcap file that text/html via... master
2020-07-02 Michael OrlitzkyMove deleted messages to "Trash" automatically.
2020-07-02 Michael Orlitzkyfolders: fix mismatched quotes.
2020-07-02 Michael Orlitzkykeys: bind sidebar keys in the pager, too.
2020-07-01 Michael Orlitzkymutt-launcher: new launcher to fix terminal size issues.
2020-06-30 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a toggle to enable/disable the sidebar.
2020-06-24 Michael Orlitzkycolors: update for a light terminal color scheme.
2020-01-16 Michael Orlitzkyfolders: drop imap_check_subscribed in favor of explici...
2020-01-16 Michael Orlitzkymuttrc: don't include dead mailing_lists file.
2020-01-16 Michael Orlitzkymuttrc: add example "mailboxes" command.
2020-01-16 Michael OrlitzkyRemove empty mailing_lists file.
2020-01-16 Michael OrlitzkyAlways sort by date-received and threads.
2014-05-02 Michael OrlitzkyMove everything except the IMAP account info out of...
2014-05-02 Michael OrlitzkySplit out more stuff into separate files.
2013-11-29 Michael OrlitzkySet a date format.
2013-11-29 Michael OrlitzkyAttempt to clean up the display hooks.
2013-11-29 Michael OrlitzkyRemove ssmtp.conf.
2009-10-06 Michael OrlitzkyChanged the default hierarchy separator.
2009-10-06 Michael OrlitzkyAdded some Emacs-like keybindings.
2008-10-09 Michael OrlitzkyAdding a .gitignore to ignore the mutt certificate...
2008-10-09 Michael OrlitzkyInitial commit.