descriptionA Gentoo overlay containing whatever I feel like at the moment.
last changeWed, 16 Nov 2016 13:53:02 +0000 (08:53 -0500)
2016-11-16 Michael Orlitzkysci-mathematics/dunshire: remove for ::gentoo. master
2016-11-16 Michael OrlitzkyNew package: sci-mathematics/dunshire.
2016-11-16 Michael OrlitzkyRemove dev-db/pgmodeler, because it's bit-rotted and...
2016-11-16 Michael OrlitzkyRemove dev-php/PHP_CodeSniffer, because I forgot why...
2016-01-29 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate skel.metadata.xml for GLEP 67.
2016-01-29 Michael OrlitzkyBump skel.ebuild for EAPI=6 and 2016.
2016-01-29 Michael OrlitzkyAdd proof-of-concept dev-php/PHP_CodeSniffer ebuild.
2016-01-18 Michael OrlitzkyRemove www-apache/mod_perl; a masked v2.0.10_pre is...
2016-01-18 Michael OrlitzkyRemove app-backup/backuppc for ::gentoo.
2015-11-12 Michael OrlitzkyRemove dev-php/recaptcha for ::viabit.
2015-10-15 Michael Orlitzkyapp-backup/backuppc: fix comment.
2015-10-15 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_perl: commit junk mod_perl ebuild (that...
2015-10-15 Michael Orlitzkyapp-backup/backuppc: working apache-2.4 ebuild.
2015-10-14 Michael OrlitzkyAdd www-apache/mod_perl from ::gentoo.
2015-10-14 Michael Orlitzkyapp-backup/backuppc: remove now-unused files.
2015-10-14 Michael Orlitzkyapp-backup/backuppc: bump package version.
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