descriptionAn Emacs mode for Nagios configuration files.
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2016-11-08 Michael OrlitzkyWhitespace fix in the README. master
2010-08-21 Michael OrlitzkyUpdated the ChangeLog for v0.3. v0.3
2010-08-21 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate char-is-commented to support semicolon comments.
2010-08-21 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate the last three tests for semicolon comments.
2010-08-21 Michael OrlitzkyWhitespace fixes.
2010-08-21 Michael OrlitzkyPrefix all functions with "nagios-".
2010-08-21 Michael OrlitzkyAdded three tests for new functionality.
2010-08-21 Michael OrlitzkyUpdated the last-opening-brace, last-closing-brace...
2010-08-21 Michael OrlitzkyFix the brace-on-line function.
2010-08-21 Michael OrlitzkyFix 9db78f (two commits ago) so that it actually works.
2010-08-20 Michael OrlitzkyFix a setq within an if statement.
2010-08-20 Michael OrlitzkyIf the point is left of indent-column after nagios...
2010-08-20 Michael OrlitzkyFixed a bug in first-char-offset affecting indentation.
2010-08-20 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a newline.
2010-08-20 Michael OrlitzkyRename pos-offset to point-offset.
2010-08-20 Michael OrlitzkyMake nagios-indent-line interactive.
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