2020-10-17 Michael Orlitzky.emacs: replace set-default-font with set-frame-font. master
2020-07-04 Michael OrlitzkyUndo some ugliness that emacs added to ~/.emacs.
2020-06-25 Michael Orlitzkymode-hooks: hack around double-emacs-nw in multi-term...
2020-06-25 Michael OrlitzkyRevert "Revert "mode-hooks: unbind some keys for multi...
2020-06-24 Michael OrlitzkyRevert "mode-hooks: unbind some keys for multi-term...
2020-06-24 Michael Orlitzkymode-hooks: unbind some keys for multi-term mode.
2020-02-12 Michael Orlitzkymode-hooks/python-mode-hooks.el: use "django" style...
2019-11-15 Michael Orlitzkymode-hooks/python-mode-hooks.el: don't mangle docstring...
2019-11-10 Michael Orlitzkymode-hooks: update css-mode hook for emacs' upstream...
2019-11-10 Michael Orlitzkymode-hooks: drop ruby hook since emacs' upstream mode...
2019-04-25 Michael Orlitzkymode-hooks: disable eldoc within python-mode.
2019-03-24 Michael Orlitzky.emacs: disable all local variable processing within...
2019-02-25 Michael Orlitzkymode-hooks: allow M-<backspace> to kill previous words...
2016-12-18 Michael OrlitzkyKill trailing whitespace in diff-buffer-against-file.el.
2016-12-18 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the latex-query-replace-regexp-math library.
2016-12-18 Michael OrlitzkyAdd octave-mode-hooks for files with ".m" extensions.
2015-01-10 Michael OrlitzkyRemove the multi-term load-library.
2015-01-10 Michael OrlitzkyWhitespace cleanup.
2014-12-15 Michael OrlitzkyRemove multi-term.el; use a package manager instead.
2014-11-07 Michael OrlitzkyRemove all references to csharp-mode, it's dead upstream.
2014-06-12 Michael OrlitzkyRemove ancient win32 stuff.
2013-08-27 Michael OrlitzkyRemove ERC stuff.
2013-08-27 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate some absolute paths.
2012-11-30 Michael OrlitzkyClean up unneeded auto-modes; add [Rr]akefile auto...
2012-11-30 Michael OrlitzkyRename basic-mode-hooks to visual-basic-mode-hooks...
2012-11-30 Michael OrlitzkyRemove basic-mode auto-modes.
2012-11-30 Michael OrlitzkyCompute our load-path automatically from the path of...
2012-11-28 Michael OrlitzkyShow trailing whitespace by default.
2012-09-13 Michael OrlitzkyAutoload octave-mode for *.m files.
2012-04-24 Michael OrlitzkyRemove the unused 'modes' directory.
2012-04-13 Michael OrlitzkyAdd multi-term as an ansi-term replacement.
2012-04-13 Michael OrlitzkyRemove csharp-mode, it's in portage.
2012-02-25 Michael OrlitzkyWhitespace changes and a new comment in auto-modes.el.
2012-02-25 Michael OrlitzkyRemove the autoloads entirely, since they are now handl...
2012-02-25 Michael OrlitzkyRemove unneeded load-paths.
2012-02-25 Michael OrlitzkySwitch from ecmascript-mode to js-mode, which is built...
2012-02-25 Michael OrlitzkyDisable zenburn by default.
2012-01-26 Michael OrlitzkyAdd &reg; and &trade; to fix-nonstandard-chars.el.
2011-12-12 Michael OrlitzkyUse python-mode for *.pyx files.
2011-10-25 Michael OrlitzkyOpen PDF files in fundamental-mode.
2011-10-25 Michael OrlitzkySet the haskell-mode indentation level to 2.
2011-10-25 Michael OrlitzkyEnable the downcase-region function.
2011-08-24 Michael OrlitzkyTurn on the haskell-mode unicode symbols.
2011-03-24 Michael OrlitzkyRemove the dired mode-hook; it turned out to be annoying.
2011-03-24 Michael OrlitzkySend the output of notify-send to /dev/null when sendin...
2011-03-24 Michael OrlitzkyAdd new key bindings for forward- and backward-paragraph.
2011-03-24 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the degree symbol to the list of nonstandard charac...
2011-03-24 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the erc-nick-notify library.
2011-03-24 Michael OrlitzkyEnable Zenburn automatically.
2011-03-24 Michael OrlitzkyPlace the mode-hooks in alphabetical order.
2011-03-24 Michael OrlitzkyAdded a dired-mode-hook.
2011-03-24 Michael OrlitzkyEnable dired-find-alternate-file.
2011-03-24 Michael OrlitzkyRemoved the load-erc function; ERC is built-in now.
2011-03-24 Michael OrlitzkyAdded gentoo-syntax and ebuild-mode autoload/modes.
2010-03-12 Michael OrlitzkyAdded the haskell-mode hooks to enable documen/indentation.
2010-02-12 Michael OrlitzkyAdded an indentation hook for ecmascript-mode.
2010-02-02 Michael OrlitzkyOverhauled the fix-nonstandard-chars function because...
2010-02-02 Michael OrlitzkyModified the fix-nonstandard-characters function to...
2010-02-02 Michael OrlitzkySet diff-jump-to-old-file to behave like Emacs <= 23.
2010-02-02 Michael OrlitzkyAdded a new function, fix-nonstandard-chars.
2010-01-04 Michael OrlitzkyOnly set tool/scrollbar modes when we're using X.
2009-11-01 Michael OrlitzkyDisable the toolbar and move the scrollbar to the right...
2008-09-28 Michael OrlitzkyInitial commit.