2021-08-06 Michael OrlitzkyMakefile: don't include myself in the release tarball. master
2021-08-06 Michael Orlitzkyamavis-logwatch: support forthcoming amavis-2.12.0... 1.51.04
2021-08-05 Michael OrlitzkyLICENSE: include the actual MIT license text.
2021-08-05 Michael Orlitzkyamavis-logwatch: update obsolete information in comment...
2021-08-05 Michael OrlitzkyMakefile: whitespace cleanup and minor quality-of-life...
2021-08-05 Michael OrlitzkyChanges: start the changelog entry for 1.51.04.
2021-08-05 Michael Orlitzkyamavis-logwatch: bump the version to 1.51.04.
2021-08-05 Michael OrlitzkyMakefile: fix the HTML documentation rule.
2021-08-05 Michael OrlitzkyMakefile: release as tar.xz and don't include HTML...
2021-08-05 Michael OrlitzkyMakefile: delete logreporters stuff.
2021-08-05 Michael Orlitzkyamavis-logwatch.1.html: delete auto-generated file.
2019-02-13 Michael OrlitzkyCatch "Select failed: Interrupted system call" entries...
2018-12-28 Michael OrlitzkyIgnore "SANITIZED ... NULL byte(s)" messages.
2018-12-28 Michael OrlitzkyIgnore "will bind to" lines in addition to "bind to...
2018-12-28 Michael OrlitzkyIgnore "no $pid_file configured, not checking it" lines.
2018-12-28 Michael OrlitzkyIgnore all "sd_notify" lines.
2017-09-07 Michael OrlitzkyIgnore errors from the File::LibMagic describe_filename...
2017-09-06 Michael OrlitzkyCatch mail that is passed UNCHECKED-ENCRYPTED.
2017-08-24 Michael OrlitzkyIgnore UTF8SMTP lines.
2017-08-24 Michael OrlitzkyIgnore amavisd-new "starting child processes" notificat...
2017-08-24 Michael OrlitzkyFix redundant argument to sprintf warning.
2017-08-24 Michael OrlitzkyFix unescaped left brace warning in monster regex.
2017-08-24 Michael OrlitzkyUpstream source.