2020-02-03 Michael Orlitzkymailbox-count.cabal: bump version to 0.0.5. master 0.0.5
2020-02-03 Michael Orlitzkysrc/OptionalConfiguration.hs: import (<>) from the...
2020-02-02 Michael Orlitzkysrc/OptionalConfiguration.hs: use an explicit mappend. 0.0.4
2020-02-02 Michael Orlitzkymailbox-count.cabal: update the version to 0.0.4.
2020-02-02 Michael Orlitzkymailbox-count.cabal: depend on semigroups conditionally.
2020-02-02 Michael Orlitzkytest/Doctests.hs: update the include path for newer... 0.0.3
2020-02-02 Michael Orlitzkymailbox-count.cabal: add other-modules for the test...
2020-02-02 Michael Orlitzkysrc/OptionalConfiguration.hs: don't derive Typeable.
2020-02-02 Michael Orlitzkysrc,test: use explicit import/export lists.
2020-02-02 Michael Orlitzkysrc/OptionalConfiguration.hs: make OptionalConfiguratio...
2020-02-02 Michael Orlitzkymailbox-count.cabal: add Paths_mailbox_count to other...
2020-02-02 Michael Orlitzkymailbox-count.cabal: bump version to 0.0.3.
2020-02-02 Michael Orlitzkymakefile: move ghc-options from the cabal file into...
2020-02-02 Michael Orlitzkymakefile: change the test target to "check" as with...
2016-11-08 Michael OrlitzkySwitch from GPL-3 to AGPL-3 and update project URLs.
2014-05-31 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a cabal description and remove the TODO.
2014-05-30 Michael OrlitzkyHandle SQL errors gracefully.
2014-05-30 Michael OrlitzkyAdd man page description and fix some options/examples.
2014-05-30 Michael OrlitzkyLoosen deps, set version to 0.0.1.
2014-05-28 Michael OrlitzkyAdd options/examples (unfinished) to the man page.
2014-05-28 Michael OrlitzkyUse consistent capitalization.
2014-05-16 Michael OrlitzkyAdd SQLite support (default if a filename is given...
2014-04-23 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate TODO file for recent changes.
2014-04-23 Michael OrlitzkyFix hlint suggestions.
2014-04-23 Michael OrlitzkyAdd an example config file.
2014-04-23 Michael OrlitzkyAlign the mailbox counts in the summary report to the...
2014-04-22 Michael OrlitzkyMake all connection string parameters optional.
2014-04-22 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a TODO.
2014-04-22 Michael OrlitzkyMove most of the report functionality into its own...
2014-04-22 Michael OrlitzkyBegin throwing real code together.
2014-04-21 Michael OrlitzkyInitial commit, Hello, world!