description(DEAD) Download utility for embedded video.
last changeMon, 9 Dec 2013 16:23:48 +0000 (11:23 -0500)
2013-12-09 Michael OrlitzkyWhitespace cleanup. master
2013-12-09 Michael OrlitzkyFix an unused variable warning.
2013-12-09 Michael OrlitzkyFix a use of the cfg object before it was created.
2013-12-09 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a license to the gemspec.
2013-11-19 Michael OrlitzkyFix filenames for Pornhd videos.
2013-11-19 Michael OrlitzkyNew website:
2012-10-14 Michael OrlitzkyFix the motherless video URL regex.
2012-06-13 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a gemspec file, completing(?) the move to a sane...
2012-06-13 Michael OrlitzkyFix the progressbar require path in uri_utilities.rb.
2012-06-13 Michael OrlitzkyEliminate the redundand 'vendor' directory.
2012-06-13 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate the makefile to build/install a gem.
2012-06-13 Michael OrlitzkyUse strings instead of symbols for the downloader type.
2012-06-13 Michael OrlitzkyFix website require paths.
2012-06-13 Michael OrlitzkyMake the Configuration module a class.
2012-06-13 Michael OrlitzkyFix a missing slash.
2012-06-13 Michael OrlitzkyUse the logger class to log warnings and errors.
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