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Project Description Owner Last Change
dead/census-tools.git (DEAD) Python library and... root 13 years ago
dead/check_openvpn-simple.git (DEAD) A Nagios plugin for... root 6 years ago
dead/halcyon.git (DEAD) Halcyon monitors Twitte... root 5 years ago
dead/harbl.git (DEAD) Haskell library for... root 5 years ago
dead/hfusk.git (DEAD) Haskell implementation... root 14 years ago
dead/htnef.git (DEAD) TNEF (winmail.dat)... root 14 years ago
dead/htsn-common.git (DEAD) Display/logging facilit... root 9 years ago
dead/htsn-import.git (DEAD) Import XML files from... root 8 years ago
dead/htsn.git (DEAD) XML feed reader for... root 9 years ago
dead/hzsff.git (DEAD) Parser for Zed's STFU... root 14 years ago
dead/janitor.git (DEAD) Utility to clean up... root 14 years ago
dead/lwn-epub.git (DEAD) Convert issues of LWN... root 10 years ago
dead/pictar.git (DEAD) A browser/template... root 14 years ago
dead/third_party_db_auth.git (DEAD) MediaWiki third-party... root 15 years ago
dead/whatever-dl.git (DEAD) Download utility for... root 9 years ago