Add an "any slot" dependency operator for dev-db/postgresql.
[mjo-overlay.git] / dev-lang / php / metadata.xml
1 <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
2 <!DOCTYPE pkgmetadata SYSTEM "">
3 <pkgmetadata>
4 <herd>php</herd>
5 <use>
6 <flag name='cli'>Enable CLI SAPI</flag>
7 <flag name='embed'>Enable embed SAPI</flag>
8 <flag name='enchant'>Add supports Enchant spelling library.</flag>
9 <flag name='fileinfo'>Add fileinfo extension support</flag>
10 <flag name='filter'>Add filter extension support</flag>
11 <flag name='fpm'>Enable the FastCGI Process Manager SAPI</flag>
12 <flag name='gd'>Adds support for gd (bundled with PHP)</flag>
13 <flag name='hash'>Enable the hash extension</flag>
14 <flag name='json'>Enable JSON support</flag>
15 <flag name='ldap-sasl'>Add SASL support for the PHP LDAP extension</flag>
16 <flag name='mysqlnd'>Use native driver for mysql, mysqli, PDO_Mysql</flag>
17 <flag name='libmysqlclient'>Use libmyslclient driver for mysql, mysqli, PDO_Mysql (not recommended)</flag>
18 <flag name='intl'>Enables the intl extension for extended internalization support</flag>
19 <flag name='opcache'>Enables built-in opcode cache, replacing pecl-apc</flag>
20 <flag name='pdo'>Enable the bundled PDO extensions</flag>
21 <flag name='phar'>Enables the phar extension to provide phar archive support</flag>
22 <flag name='xmlreader'>Enable XMLReader support</flag>
23 <flag name='xmlwriter'>Enable XMLWriter support</flag>
24 <flag name='xslt'>Enable the XSL extension</flag>
25 <flag name='vpx'>Enable webp suppoprt for GD</flag>
26 <flag name='zip'>Enable ZIP file support</flag>
27 </use>
28 </pkgmetadata>