Add an 'install' makefile target.
[dead/lwn-epub.git] / lwn-epub.cabal
2012-07-09 Michael OrlitzkyUse parallel-io instead of mapM to download images...
2012-06-28 Michael OrlitzkyAdd config file parsing.
2012-06-27 Michael OrlitzkyImplement image download and replacement.
2012-06-26 Michael OrlitzkyAdd download-curl dependency for saving images.
2012-06-25 Michael OrlitzkyBegin working on determining the article argument type.
2012-06-24 Michael OrlitzkyUse cmdargs to parse the one command-line argument.
2012-06-23 Michael OrlitzkySwitch from epub to pandoc for epub creation.
2012-06-23 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a first draft using HXT, HandsomeSoup, and the...
2012-06-22 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a dependency on tagsoup.
2012-06-22 Michael OrlitzkyInitial commit. Hello, world.