Fix loop count parsing.
[octave.git] / run-tests.m
2013-03-25 Michael OrlitzkyFix loop count parsing.
2013-03-25 Michael OrlitzkyTake an optional integer parameter to ./run-tests.m...
2013-03-22 Michael OrlitzkyOutput totals at the end of the test suite.
2013-03-06 Michael OrlitzkyAdd an octaverc which modifies the load path and improv...
2013-02-06 Michael OrlitzkyMove all of the tests into a subdirectory.
2012-12-17 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate the poisson_matrix test with negated values.
2012-12-17 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the forward_euler1 function and a test for it.
2012-10-16 Michael OrlitzkyAdd Newton's method and some tests.
2012-10-15 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the fixed point method and some tests.
2012-10-15 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a test for the poisson_matrix function.
2012-10-15 Michael OrlitzkyMove several functions out of the homework1/src directo...
2012-09-16 Michael OrlitzkyCheck for existence of the include path before includin...