mjo-hurwitz.tex: new file for Hurwitz algebras (quaternions and octonions).
[mjotex.git] / mjo-arrow.tex
2019-12-10 Michael OrlitzkyAdd \unit{} for the multiplicative identity element.
2019-11-01 Michael Orlitzkymjo-arrow: add the constant function \const.
2019-09-15 Michael OrlitzkyPut \ifx guards on most other package includes, too.
2019-09-15 Michael OrlitzkyWrap all mjotex files in conditionals to prevent double...
2016-10-27 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the \preimage macro.
2016-08-29 Michael OrlitzkyAdd \inverse and \lyapunovrank commands.
2016-06-05 Michael OrlitzkyFix all chktex warnings.
2016-03-09 Michael OrlitzkyAdd mjo-misc and mjo-arrow files.