Add a PLUGINS configuration option.
[mailshears.git] / bin /
2010-12-26 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a PLUGINS configuration option.
2010-12-25 Michael OrlitzkyActually remove directories when I_MEAN_BUSINESS =...
2010-09-01 Michael OrlitzkyAdded the I_MEAN_BUSINESS configuration parameter,...
2010-07-13 Michael OrlitzkyAdded the domain/account path to the output.
2010-07-13 Michael OrlitzkyMissing parenthesis in a comment!
2010-06-13 Michael OrlitzkyFirst attempt at making mailshears report deleted domai...
2010-02-13 Michael OrlitzkyFixed an array-nesting bug.
2010-02-11 Michael OrlitzkyPrettied up the output with a header.
2010-02-11 Michael OrlitzkyInitial commit.