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descriptionMy personal library of LaTeX code.
last changeMon, 6 May 2024 18:43:14 +0000 (14:43 -0400)
2024-05-06 Michael OrlitzkyCOPYING,LICENSE: add them (AGPL-3.0+) master
2024-04-13 Michael Orlitzkymjo-algebra.tex: fix glossary sorting of \variety
2024-04-13 Michael Orlitzkymjo-algebra.tex,examples.tex: add the \variety command
2023-03-30 Michael Orlitzkymjo-linear_algebra: add \GL command for general linear...
2023-03-30 Michael Orlitzkymjo-algebra: add \Stab command for stabilizer subgroups.
2023-03-15 Michael Orlitzkymjo-eja.tex: add \quadrepr and \leftmult.
2023-03-03 Michael Orlitzkymjo-eja.tex: add the Jordan-automorphism group operator...
2023-02-13 Michael Orlitzkymjo-common: add \tuple.
2023-01-20 Michael Orlitzkymjo-cone.tex: add the strictly positive orthant, \Rnplu...
2022-12-27 Michael Orlitzkymjo-set.tex: consistent whitespace in \setc{}.
2022-01-31 Michael Orlitzkyexamples.tex: fix algorithm \Return usage.
2021-12-06 Michael OrlitzkyGNUmakefile: drop obsolete --memlimit argument to sage -t.
2021-03-04 Michael Orlitzkymjo-hurwitz.tex: new file for Hurwitz algebras (quatern...
2021-02-13 Michael Orlitzkymjo-linear_algebra.tex: add \rref{} macro.
2021-02-06 Michael OrlitzkyAdd \zero{R} for the additive identity element in R.
2021-01-13 Michael Orlitzkymjo-common: add \Fn for generic fields.
7 years ago phd-dissertation-submitted Submitted my PhD dissertation to...
7 years ago posZ-submitted-laa Submitted Positive/Z-operators...
6 weeks ago master