descriptionCVXOPT-based library for solving linear (cone) games
last changeTue, 21 Apr 2020 11:45:21 +0000 (07:45 -0400)
2020-04-21 Michael Orlitzkymakefile: rename "checkloop" to "check-loop" to match... master
2020-04-21 Michael Orlitzkytest: add the ability to run the test suite verbosely.
2020-04-21 Michael Orlitzkydunshire/ don't require numpy to run the doctests.
2020-04-21 Michael add some extra (tested) python versions.
2020-04-19 Michael OrlitzkyTODO: try to avoid a dependency on numpy in the test...
2016-12-06 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the random_ll_game() function to test.randomgen.
2016-12-06 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the random_game() function to test.randomgen.
2016-12-06 Michael OrlitzkyRemove a superfluous transpose.
2016-12-06 Michael OrlitzkyAdd another TODO.
2016-11-16 Michael OrlitzkyBump to v0.1.1 and disable installation of the "test... 0.1.1
2016-11-16 Michael OrlitzkyMake our description sound a little less stupid.
2016-11-16 Michael OrlitzkyChange the licence from a path to "AGPLv3+" in 0.1.0
2016-11-16 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate the project homepage once more.
2016-11-16 Michael OrlitzkyA bunch more doc fixes.
2016-11-16 Michael OrlitzkyRemove redundant modules from the developer documentation.
2016-11-16 Michael OrlitzkyRemove package/module names and rst source links from...
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