descriptionMaintained fork of postfix-logwatch from the "logreporters" project.
last changeThu, 5 Aug 2021 22:59:59 +0000 (18:59 -0400)
2021-08-05 Michael OrlitzkyLICENSE: include the actual MIT license text. master
2021-08-05 Michael OrlitzkyMakefile: whitespace cleanup and a few quality-of-life...
2021-08-05 Michael OrlitzkyMakefile: remove unused $PKGDIR variable.
2021-08-05 Michael OrlitzkyMakefile: fix the HTML documentation rule.
2021-08-01 Michael OrlitzkyMakefile: release as tar.xz and don't include HTML... 1.40.04
2021-08-01 Michael Orlitzkypostfix-logwatch.1.html: delete auto-generated file.
2021-08-01 Michael OrlitzkyMakefile: report logreporters stuff.
2021-08-01 Michael Orlitzkypostfix-logwatch: bump to version 1.40.04.
2021-08-01 Michael OrlitzkyChanges: summarize the forthcoming release.
2021-08-01 Michael Orlitzkypostfix-logwatch: update the comment header.
2021-08-01 Michael OrlitzkyWhitespace/comment cleanup.
2021-08-01 Michael OrlitzkySupport respectful logging.
2020-04-15 Michael OrlitzkyIgnore postscreen "BDAT/DATA without valid RCPT" lines.
2018-12-26 Michael OrlitzkyMatch postscreen "all server ports busy" lines.
2017-09-05 Michael OrlitzkyAllow multi-digit numbers in enhanced SMTP status codes.
2017-08-24 Michael OrlitzkyFix redundant argument to sprintf warning.
5 months ago 1.40.04 1.40.04
5 months ago master