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descriptionConvert tinydns and dnscache logs to human-readable form
last changeFri, 23 Sep 2022 12:06:28 +0000 (08:06 -0400)
2022-09-23 Michael Orlitzkydoc/ChangeLog: update for v0.0.2. master 0.0.2
2022-09-23 Michael Orlitzkysetup.py: bump to v0.0.2.
2022-09-23 Michael Orlitzkydjbdns/io.py: fix test that fails in other timezones.
2022-09-22 Michael Orlitzkydoc/*: tai64nlocal comes from daemontools, not djbdns.
2022-09-22 Michael Orlitzkydoc/ChangeLog: update for the pending v0.0.1 release. 0.0.1
2022-09-22 Michael Orlitzkydjbdns/*.py: add all remaining mappings to QUERY_TYPE_NAME.
2022-09-22 Michael Orlitzkydjbdns/io.py: add a comment about an early return.
2022-09-22 Michael Orlitzkydjbdns/dnscache.py: de-indent a block that doesn't...
2022-09-22 Michael Orlitzkydjbdns/*.py: add module docstrings.
2022-09-22 Michael Orlitzkydjbdns/io.py: handle nonexistent Popen stdin/stdout.
2022-09-22 Michael Orlitzkydjbdns/*.py: capitalize global variables.
2022-09-22 Michael Orlitzkydjbdns/{dnscache,tinydns}.py: explicit imports from...
2022-09-22 Michael Orlitzkydjbdns/*.py: don't clobber id() and type() built-ins.
2022-09-22 Michael Orlitzkydjbdns/{dnscache,tinydns}.py: don't clobber the global...
2022-09-22 Michael Orlitzkydjbdns/common.py: assume IPv6 if an address isn't IPv4.
2022-09-22 Michael Orlitzkydjbdns/io.py: use Popen's context manager to clean up.
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