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2019-03-28 Michael Orlitzkymjo-linear_algebra.tex: use \transpose in the definitio... master
2019-03-22 Michael Orlitzkymjo-common.tex: fix typo in comment.
2019-02-14 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the four types of standard real intervals.
2019-02-14 Michael OrlitzkyGNUmakefile: fix the "check-chktex" target.
2019-02-14 Michael Orlitzkyexamples.tex: mention the new Moore-Penrose \pseudoinverse.
2019-01-01 Michael OrlitzkyUse C99-style left-aligned double front-slashes for...
2018-11-29 Michael Orlitzkymjo-linear_algebra.tex: add the Moore-Penrose \pseudoin...
2017-04-18 Michael OrlitzkyAdd \Hn for the space of complex Hermitian n-by-n matrices.
2017-03-31 Michael OrlitzkyUse "big" versions of operators in \binopmany consumers. phd-dissertation-submitted
2017-03-12 Michael OrlitzkyAdd \cartprodmany and \directsummany to mjo-common.
2017-03-07 Michael OrlitzkyAdd S^{n}, the space of symmetric n-by-n matrices.
2017-03-07 Michael OrlitzkyAdd undefined reference and over/underfull box checks...
2017-03-07 Michael OrlitzkyRemove some unnecessary spaces (chktex warnings).
2017-01-19 Michael OrlitzkyAdd \directsumthree to mjo-common.
2017-01-16 Michael OrlitzkyAdd mjo.bst to the example makefile.
2017-01-16 Michael OrlitzkyDon't use "vol." for journal citations.
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