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descriptionFork of the simple validation tool for tinydns-data zonefiles
last changeWed, 21 Oct 2020 21:41:03 +0000 (17:41 -0400)
2020-10-21 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate copyright information in the LICENSE file and... master
2020-10-21 Michael OrlitzkyAUTHORS: add an authors file in preparation for updatin...
2020-10-21 Michael OrlitzkyDrop the "-s" option.
2020-10-21 Michael OrlitzkyShow only a usage summary when -h is passed.
2020-10-21 Michael OrlitzkyREADME: remove information now contained in the man...
2020-10-21 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a man page.
2020-10-21 Michael OrlitzkyCHANGES: reword the headers, and perform some minor...
2020-10-21 Michael OrlitzkyTODO: delete this old file as it didn't contain anythin...
2020-10-21 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate some copyright, version, and contact information.
2020-10-21 Michael OrlitzkyDrop the "-x" flag.
2020-10-20 Michael OrlitzkyCHANGES: add recent changes from v0.7.
2020-10-20 Michael OrlitzkyREADME: whitespace cleanup.
2020-10-20 Michael OrlitzkyWarn about IP addresses in hostname fields.
2019-12-05 Michael OrlitzkyWhitespace cleanup.
2019-12-05 Michael OrlitzkyAdd support for SRV records.
2019-12-05 Michael OrlitzkyAllow underscore characters in FQDNs and pointers.
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