src/untangle/ use cleaner way of disabling verification.
[untangle-https-backup.git] / src /
2021-08-21 Michael Orlitzkysrc/untangle/ use cleaner way of disabling... master
2019-02-13 Michael OrlitzkyAdd nominal support for Untangle version 14.1.
2018-10-06 Michael Orlitzkysrc/untangle/ add the missing ':' killed...
2018-07-13 Michael allow version "14" and make it the default.
2018-04-18 Michael use a configurable "timeout" for socket...
2017-10-23 Michael add support for v13.1 download URLs.
2017-01-01 Michael OrlitzkyRemove a querystring parameter to fix v12.2 backups.
2017-01-01 Michael OrlitzkyRearrange a comment.
2016-05-13 Michael OrlitzkyAdd support for Untangle v10 (the same as v11 and v12).
2016-05-13 Michael OrlitzkyFix the last commit by allowing v12 in the version...
2016-05-13 Michael OrlitzkyAdd nominal support for Untangle v12 (which is the...
2016-04-01 Michael OrlitzkyAdd some source documentation.
2016-04-01 Michael OrlitzkyReorganize the source code into a package.
2016-04-01 Michael OrlitzkyRename the executable, and implement a bunch of missing...
2016-04-01 Michael OrlitzkyInitial commit, skeleton of a project.