mjo-hurwitz.tex: new file for Hurwitz algebras (quaternions and octonions).
[mjotex.git] / mjo-topology.tex
2019-11-04 Michael Orlitzkymjo-*: add comments where mjo-common is used for \of.
2019-09-15 Michael OrlitzkyPut \ifx guards on most other package includes, too.
2019-09-15 Michael OrlitzkyWrap all mjotex files in conditionals to prevent double...
2016-05-15 Michael OrlitzkyUse cl() instead of an overline for the topological...
2016-03-09 Michael OrlitzkyUse bdy(S) for the boundary of S.
2016-03-08 Michael OrlitzkyUse package amsopn where necessary for \operatorname.
2016-03-08 Michael OrlitzkyAdd mjo-common to mjo-topology.
2016-03-08 Michael OrlitzkyInitial commit of a big mess that will eventually be...