mjo-hurwitz.tex: new file for Hurwitz algebras (quaternions and octonions).
[mjotex.git] / mjo-common.tex
2021-01-13 Michael Orlitzkymjo-common: add \Fn for generic fields.
2019-11-22 Michael Orlitzkymjo-common: add \lcm{} for the least common multiple.
2019-11-13 Michael OrlitzkyNew \restrict macro to restrict a function to a subset...
2019-11-04 Michael Orlitzkymjo-algebra: adopt \directsum and its variants from...
2019-11-04 Michael Orlitzkymjo-set: adopt \set and \setc from mjo-common.
2019-11-04 Michael Orlitzkymjo-set: adopt basic set operations from mjo-common.
2019-11-04 Michael Orlitzkymjo-set: adopt \powerset{} from mjo-common.
2019-11-04 Michael Orlitzkymjo-common: move \Sn and \Hn into mjo-linear_algebra.
2019-11-04 Michael Orlitzkymjo-common: prevent \Sn[1] and \Hn[1] from dropping...
2019-11-04 Michael Orlitzkymjo-common: utilize \mathpzc to finally define \powerset{}.
2019-11-01 Michael Orlitzkymjo-common: add higher tuples, up to septuple.
2019-09-15 Michael OrlitzkyBegin adding glossary entries, and display them in...
2019-09-15 Michael OrlitzkyPut \ifx guards on most other package includes, too.
2019-09-15 Michael OrlitzkyReplace all uses of \providecommand with \newcommand.
2019-09-15 Michael OrlitzkyWrap all mjotex files in conditionals to prevent double...
2019-03-22 Michael Orlitzkymjo-common.tex: fix typo in comment.
2019-02-14 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the four types of standard real intervals.
2017-04-18 Michael OrlitzkyAdd \Hn for the space of complex Hermitian n-by-n matrices.
2017-03-31 Michael OrlitzkyUse "big" versions of operators in \binopmany consumers. phd-dissertation-submitted
2017-03-12 Michael OrlitzkyAdd \cartprodmany and \directsummany to mjo-common.
2017-03-07 Michael OrlitzkyAdd S^{n}, the space of symmetric n-by-n matrices.
2017-03-07 Michael OrlitzkyRemove some unnecessary spaces (chktex warnings).
2017-01-19 Michael OrlitzkyAdd \directsumthree to mjo-common.
2017-01-12 Michael OrlitzkyUse the "amsfonts" package for \mathbb in mjo-common...
2016-09-21 Michael OrlitzkyAdd arbitrary indexed union/intersection (and examples...
2016-09-20 Michael OrlitzkyAdd two- and three-argument commands for union and...
2016-09-20 Michael OrlitzkyAdd \triple for a three-tuple of things, (a,b,c).
2016-07-06 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the \directsum operator.
2016-06-06 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a \factorial command.
2016-06-05 Michael OrlitzkyFix all chktex warnings.
2016-06-05 Michael OrlitzkyAdd \cartprodthree command to avoid nesting \cartprod.
2016-06-05 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the Cartesian product \cartprod command.
2016-05-25 Michael OrlitzkyAdd \Nn macro for cartesian products of the natural...
2016-05-04 Michael OrlitzkyOmit the exponent "1" from product spaces.
2016-05-04 Michael OrlitzkyAdd \Zn, \Qn, \Rn, and \Cn macros for the standard...
2016-04-30 Michael OrlitzkyAdd \sqty for square-brackets-quantity to mjo-common.
2016-03-08 Michael OrlitzkyShip a style file that makes it easy to include "everyt...
2016-03-08 Michael OrlitzkyAdd mathtools package to mjo-common.tex.
2016-03-08 Michael OrlitzkyInitial commit of a big mess that will eventually be...