mjo-hurwitz.tex: new file for Hurwitz algebras (quaternions and octonions).
[mjotex.git] / examples.tex
2021-03-04 Michael Orlitzkymjo-hurwitz.tex: new file for Hurwitz algebras (quatern... master
2021-02-13 Michael Orlitzkymjo-linear_algebra.tex: add \rref{} macro.
2021-02-06 Michael OrlitzkyAdd \zero{R} for the additive identity element in R.
2021-01-13 Michael Orlitzkymjo-common: add \Fn for generic fields.
2020-03-13 Michael Orlitzkymjo-linear_algebra.tex: add \diag{} to build diagonal...
2020-02-03 Michael Orlitzkyexamples.tex: fix existing chktex problems.
2019-12-10 Michael OrlitzkyAdd \unit{} for the multiplicative identity element.
2019-11-22 Michael Orlitzkymjo-common: add \lcm{} for the least common multiple.
2019-11-21 Michael Orlitzkymjo-linear_algebra: add the \spectrum{} of a linear...
2019-11-13 Michael OrlitzkyNew \restrict macro to restrict a function to a subset...
2019-11-04 Michael Orlitzkymjo-set: adopt \set and \setc from mjo-common.
2019-11-04 Michael Orlitzkymjo-set: adopt basic set operations from mjo-common.
2019-11-04 Michael Orlitzkymjo-set: adopt \powerset{} from mjo-common.
2019-11-04 Michael Orlitzkymjo-misc: rename to mjo-set.
2019-11-04 Michael Orlitzkymjo-common: move \Sn and \Hn into mjo-linear_algebra.
2019-11-04 Michael Orlitzkymjo-common: prevent \Sn[1] and \Hn[1] from dropping...
2019-11-04 Michael Orlitzkymjo-common: utilize \mathpzc to finally define \powerset{}.
2019-11-04 Michael Orlitzkymjo-font: add new \mathpzc (PostScript Zapf Chancery...
2019-11-04 Michael Orlitzkymjo-linear_algebra: add the \rank{} of a matrix (or...
2019-11-01 Michael Orlitzkymjo-algebra: add \alg{} for the subalgebra generated...
2019-11-01 Michael Orlitzkymjo-algebra: add the \ideal{} generated by a set.
2019-11-01 Michael Orlitzkymjo-common: add higher tuples, up to septuple.
2019-11-01 Michael Orlitzkymjo-arrow: add the constant function \const.
2019-09-16 Michael OrlitzkyEnable a bibliography by default.
2019-09-16 Michael OrlitzkyAdd index support.
2019-09-15 Michael OrlitzkyBegin adding glossary entries, and display them in...
2019-09-07 Michael Orlitzkymjo-eja.tex: new file for Euclidean Jordan algebras.
2019-09-01 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the \sagelisting macro and associated machinery.
2019-08-27 Michael OrlitzkyAdd mjo-algebra.tex with \polyring and \Frac commands.
2019-08-06 Michael OrlitzkyAdd mjo-calculus.tex for the gradient.
2019-07-16 Michael Orlitzkymjo-convex: add \faceof and \properfaceof.
2019-06-17 Michael Orlitzkymjo-theorem{,-star}.tex: add the "exercise" environment.
2019-06-17 Michael Orlitzkymjo-complex.tex: new file with a \compconj (complex...
2019-02-14 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the four types of standard real intervals.
2019-02-14 Michael Orlitzkyexamples.tex: mention the new Moore-Penrose \pseudoinverse.
2017-03-12 Michael OrlitzkyAdd \cartprodmany and \directsummany to mjo-common.
2017-01-16 Michael OrlitzkyWhitespace cleanup.
2016-10-27 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the \preimage macro.
2016-09-22 Michael OrlitzkyUse a slightly better orthogonal direct sum implementation.
2016-09-22 Michael OrlitzkyAdd my work-in-progress \directsumperp.
2016-09-21 Michael OrlitzkyFix a verb tense in examples.tex.
2016-09-21 Michael OrlitzkyAdd arbitrary indexed union/intersection (and examples...
2016-09-21 Michael OrlitzkyCreate an example document and update the makefile...