2015-02-10 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_log_rotate: remove package for gx86.
2015-02-10 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_log_rotate: install README.md.
2015-02-10 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_log_rotate: new package with apache...
2015-02-06 Michael Orlitzkynet-analyzer/pnp4nagios: version bump fixing nagios...
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyManifest bump.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyUse "+=" consistently for appending to $my_conf.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyFix --with-mysql-sock handling.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyManifest bump.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyFix MySQL socket path when USE=mysqli or USE=pdo-mysql.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyManifest bump.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyAllow installation of PDO drivers independent from...
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyReplace two missing spaces.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyManifest bump.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyFix IUSE typo and add "pdo" as a required USE for all...
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the pdo-mysql USE flag.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the pdo-oci USE flag.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the pdo-odbc USE flag.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the pdo-sqlite USE flag.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the pdo-pgsql USE flag.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the pdo-dblib USE flag.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyCombine readline/libedit and other use_with statements.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyRemove redundant "if use ldap" check.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkySeparate the imap use_with from its SSL support.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyRemove redundant "if use oci8-instant-client" check.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyRemove redundant "if use firebird" check.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyRemove redundant "if use iodbc" check.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyRemove redundant "if use odbc" check.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyAlphabetize main use_enable/use_with stanza.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate copyright and CVS header.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyRevbump the ebuild.
2015-01-23 Michael OrlitzkyAdd dev-lang/php::gentoo.
2015-01-22 Michael Orlitzkymedia-gfx/textext: new package.
2015-01-10 Michael Orlitzkyapp-emacs/multi-term: remove package (in gx86).
2015-01-10 Michael Orlitzkyapp-emacs/multi-term: Update URLs and add a site file.
2015-01-04 Michael Orlitzkynet-proxy/torsocks: remove package, fix posted to the...
2015-01-04 Michael Orlitzkynet-proxy/torsocks: disable network tests.
2015-01-03 Michael Orlitzkynet-proxy/torsocks: add gentoo package.
2015-01-03 Michael Orlitzkynet-analyzer/pnp4nagios: Revbump for apache-2.4 support.
2015-01-03 Michael OrlitzkyBump copyright year.
2015-01-03 Michael Orlitzkynet-analyzer/pnp4nagios: add gentoo package.
2014-12-29 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate postgres deps.
2014-12-23 Michael OrlitzkyRemove mod_backtrace and mod_whatkilledus (for gx86).
2014-12-18 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_whatkilledus: update description and...
2014-12-18 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_whatkilledus: new package.
2014-12-18 Michael Orlitzky=www-apache/mod_backtrace-2.01: new package.
2014-12-18 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_vhost_ldap: remove package (for gx86).
2014-12-18 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_vhost_ldap: manifest bump.
2014-12-18 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_vhost_ldap: don't install INSTALL.
2014-12-18 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_vhost_ldap: Fix license, sed, and extra...
2014-12-18 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_vhost_ldap: new package for apache-2...
2014-12-18 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_ldap_userdir: remove package (to gx86).
2014-12-18 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_ldap_user: put back the depend.apache...
2014-12-18 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_ldap_userdir: exactly correct deps.
2014-12-18 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_ldap_userdir: fix deps.
2014-12-17 Michael OrlitzkyFix docs installation.
2014-12-17 Michael Orlitzky=www-apache/mod_ldap_userdir-1.1.19: new package
2014-12-17 Michael Orlitzkynet-analyzer/linkchecker: remove package, bug fixed.
2014-12-17 Michael Orlitzkydev-db/pgmodeler: new package
2014-12-17 Michael Orlitzkywww-apache/mod_access_dnsbl: remove package, moved...
2014-12-17 Michael OrlitzkyUse $PN in two more places.
2014-12-17 Michael Orlitzky=www-apache/mod_access_dnsbl-0.02: new package
2014-12-15 Michael Orlitzkyapp-emacs/multi-term: new package
2014-10-29 Michael OrlitzkyRemove app-laptop/hdapsd (committed to gx86).
2014-10-29 Michael OrlitzkyManifest bump.
2014-10-29 Michael Orlitzkyapp-laptop/hdapsd: don't force print the elog message.
2014-10-29 Michael Orlitzkyapp-laptop/hdapsd: always print elog message.
2014-10-27 Michael Orlitzkyapp-laptop/hdapsd: Add myself as maintainer.
2014-10-27 Michael Orlitzkyapp-laptop/hdapsd: more doc cleanup
2014-10-27 Michael OrlitzkyUse versioned init/conf files and clean up the ebuild...
2014-10-26 Michael OrlitzkyManifest fix
2014-10-26 Michael OrlitzkyRewrite the conf and init.d files a million times.
2014-10-25 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate hdapsd with libconfig support.
2014-10-22 Michael OrlitzkyAdd revbump net-analyzer/linkchecker-9.2-r1 to fix...
2014-10-22 Michael OrlitzkyRemove app-admin/eselect-postgresql
2014-10-19 Michael OrlitzkyRemove sys-process/xjobs for inclusion in gentoo-x86.
2014-10-18 Michael OrlitzkyNew package: sys-process/xjobs
2014-10-15 Michael OrlitzkyAdd eselect-postgresql from portage.
2014-07-21 Michael OrlitzkyRemove net-dns/djbdns, fixes slated for gx86.
2014-07-21 Michael OrlitzkyUse a separate makefule patch for net-dns/djbdns-1...
2014-07-21 Michael OrlitzkyRevert "Update makefile-parallel patch with clientloc...
2014-07-20 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate makefile-parallel patch with clientloc.o fix.
2014-07-20 Michael OrlitzkyAdd djbdns from gx86.
2014-01-08 Michael OrlitzkyRemove app-text/XML-Schema-learner for committance...
2014-01-08 Michael OrlitzkyRename the XML-Schema-learner ebuild to reflect the...
2014-01-07 Michael Orlitzkyapp-text/XML-Schema-learner: Add a longdescription...
2014-01-06 Michael OrlitzkyGet XML-Schema-learner working.
2014-01-06 Michael OrlitzkyAdd app-text/XML-Schema-learner (doesn't work yet).
2014-01-05 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate copyright year.
2013-12-27 Michael OrlitzkyRemove clamav-unofficial-sigs in preparation for a...
2013-12-27 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a comment.
2013-12-27 Michael OrlitzkyTwiddle a few more settings by default.
2013-12-25 Michael OrlitzkyAdd app-antivirus/clamav-unofficial-sigs-3.7.2 in prepa...
2013-12-20 Michael OrlitzkyRemove net-mail/amavis-logwatch in preparation for...
2013-12-19 Michael OrlitzkyRemove postfix-logwatch, preparing to commit to portage.
2013-12-19 Michael OrlitzkyBlock >sys-apps/logwatch-7.4.0 when USE=logwatch in...
2013-12-18 Michael OrlitzkyRemove sys-apps/logwatch, preparing to commit it to...
2013-12-18 Michael OrlitzkyAdd logwatch-7.4.0_p170-r1 to fix a file collision.
2013-12-18 Michael OrlitzkyRemove rbldnsd (in portage).
2013-12-12 Michael OrlitzkyAdd missing PYTHON_REQUIRED_USE.
2013-12-08 Michael Orlitzkynet-dns/rbldnsd: Don't depend on net in the init script.