2015-11-08 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a man page.
2015-11-08 Michael OrlitzkyFix off-by-one error in the header underline.
2015-11-08 Michael OrlitzkyChange the description at the top of the executable.
2015-11-08 Michael OrlitzkyMake "postfixadmin" the only default plugin and make...
2015-11-08 Michael OrlitzkyRemoved completed items from the TODO.
2015-11-08 Michael OrlitzkyFix Postfixadmin alias updating (don't leave commas...
2015-11-08 Michael OrlitzkyFactor out the description-message-building in the...
2015-11-08 Michael OrlitzkyWrap all close() calls in "ensure" blocks and simplify...
2015-11-08 Michael OrlitzkyRemove debug code from Plugin.
2015-11-08 Michael OrlitzkyRemove HTML docs with `rake clean`.
2015-11-08 Michael OrlitzkyDocument everything with YARD and fix some bugs along...
2015-11-08 Michael OrlitzkyAdd more TODO items and remove the one about YARD docs...
2015-11-08 Michael OrlitzkyDon't hide shell output in the Rakefile.
2015-11-06 Michael OrlitzkyBegin updating docs; remove two unused exit codes.
2015-11-06 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate comments in the executable and factor out the...
2015-11-06 Michael OrlitzkyRemove a newline.
2015-11-05 Michael OrlitzkyRemove a TODO I don't intend to DO.
2015-11-05 Michael OrlitzkyAdd some tests for moving users.
2015-11-05 Michael OrlitzkyMake pruning use the correct config and clean up *befor...
2015-11-04 Michael OrlitzkyFix variable names in the prune tests.
2015-11-04 Michael OrlitzkyUse semantic bound on pg library.
2015-11-04 Michael OrlitzkyAllow sorting of User/Domain for testing.
2015-11-04 Michael OrlitzkyFix broken nesting in lib/mv/plugins/postfixadmin.rb.
2015-11-04 Michael OrlitzkyStop pretending that we'll ever work with another DBMS.
2015-11-04 Michael OrlitzkyAdd an idempotence test for pruning.
2015-11-04 Michael OrlitzkyAdd even more TODO items.
2015-11-04 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a few more TODOs.
2015-11-04 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a test case for prune.
2015-11-04 Michael OrlitzkyAdd some new fixtures in preparation for prune tests.
2015-11-04 Michael OrlitzkyDon't include RmPlugin from PrunePlugin (pointless...
2015-11-04 Michael OrlitzkyRemove pointless include.
2015-11-03 Michael OrlitzkySimplify prune plugins and fix array difference error.
2015-11-03 Michael OrlitzkyAdd "-f" to the "rm" call in bin/
2015-11-03 Michael OrlitzkyRename mail_root to dovecot_mail_root for consistency.
2015-11-03 Michael OrlitzkySwitch to the Affero GPL3 license.
2015-11-03 Michael OrlitzkyBegin cleaning up the test code to add some prune/mv...
2015-11-02 Michael OrlitzkySwitch to MiniTest and update the test output.
2015-11-02 Michael OrlitzkyClean up user/domain describing in the plugins.
2015-11-02 Michael OrlitzkyOverhaul everything to get consistent error reports.
2015-10-30 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate a comment and delete a newline.
2015-10-30 Michael OrlitzkyAdd missing principal stuff to the Davical fixtures.
2015-10-30 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a quick script to load the test databases and fixtu...
2015-10-30 Michael OrlitzkyAdd another error reporting TODO and mention not overwr...
2015-10-30 Michael OrlitzkyGet DovecotMv just barely working.
2015-10-30 Michael OrlitzkyMove the "mv" invalid destination user check into the...
2015-10-30 Michael OrlitzkyGet the MvRunner working, at least for Postfixadmin.
2015-10-30 Michael OrlitzkyImplement user moving for Postfixadmin.
2015-10-30 Michael OrlitzkyAdd domain_exists() to PostfixadminPlugin.
2015-10-30 Michael OrlitzkyDump our output buffer if a plugin crashes.
2015-10-30 Michael OrlitzkyAdd some "mv" brainstorming to the TODO.
2015-10-30 Michael OrlitzkyAllow the getting of a dovecot user path even if it...
2015-10-30 Michael OrlitzkyDisable domain moves in the dummy MvRunner.
2015-10-30 Michael OrlitzkyClarify error class comments.
2015-10-30 Michael OrlitzkyRemove mv_domain() from MvPlugin.
2015-10-30 Michael OrlitzkyRemove "-K" from the shebang, and remove the outdated...
2015-10-30 Michael OrlitzkyFix nil error when only postfixadmin is enabled.
2014-09-17 Michael OrlitzkyFix SQL query clobbering in PostfixadminMv.
2014-09-17 Michael OrlitzkyFix a SQL query in the AgendavMv plugin.
2014-09-17 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a preliminary PostfixadminMv.
2014-09-17 Michael OrlitzkyRemove a superclass from DovecotMv that no longer exists.
2014-09-17 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate the supported version of Roundcube.
2014-01-05 Michael OrlitzkyMake list_users() methods public in several plugins.
2014-01-04 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a real rm test.
2014-01-04 Michael OrlitzkyFix a crashy typo.
2014-01-04 Michael OrlitzkyMean business when testing.
2014-01-04 Michael OrlitzkyExplicitly require 'common/errors' in RmRunner.
2014-01-04 Michael OrlitzkyFactor out plugin running into the Plugin module (along...
2014-01-04 Michael OrlitzkyRename plugin_class to plugin_module.
2014-01-04 Michael OrlitzkyMove the Runner selection into the plugin.
2014-01-04 Michael OrlitzkyReplace 'account' with 'user' everywhere.
2013-12-04 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a TODO item.
2013-11-06 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate PruneDummyRunner to pass a Configuration to...
2013-10-07 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate the TODO.
2013-10-07 Michael OrlitzkyAdd some fixture code.
2013-10-07 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a test suite which just creates/deletes databases...
2013-10-07 Michael OrlitzkyPass a Configuration object to each plugin's initialize().
2013-10-07 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a Rakefile.
2013-10-06 Michael OrlitzkyOnly output the header when there's plugin output.
2013-10-06 Michael OrlitzkyGet prune working, at least in a simple case.
2013-10-06 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate TODO.
2013-10-06 Michael OrlitzkyRename PostfixadminDb, RoundcubeDb without the Db suffix.
2013-10-06 Michael OrlitzkyImplement user_exists() everywhere and use it to correc...
2013-10-06 Michael OrlitzkyMove domain removal into the plugins.
2013-09-30 Michael OrlitzkyMove the LICENSE and README into a doc/ folder.
2013-09-30 Michael OrlitzkyWay too many changes to mention. The 'rm' mode works...
2013-09-29 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a bunch more crap and rewrite a bunch more crap...
2013-08-29 Michael OrlitzkyIn the middle of refactoring the binary to accept three...
2013-08-29 Michael OrlitzkyFix typo in mv_plugin.
2013-08-29 Michael OrlitzkyAdd default configuration for Agendav and DAViCal.
2013-03-19 Michael OrlitzkyBegin building the framework to rename accounts. A...
2013-03-19 Michael OrlitzkyFactor out common code that can be used to mv (rename...
2013-03-19 Michael OrlitzkyDon't cast the username to an int in the AgenDAV plugin.
2013-03-19 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a missing space in the header.
2013-03-19 Michael OrlitzkyPrint the plugin name on the same line as the executabl...
2013-03-19 Michael OrlitzkyFix table name (again) in DAViCal plugin.
2013-03-19 Michael OrlitzkyFix table name in DAViCal plugin.
2013-03-19 Michael OrlitzkyRemove unnecessary queries from the Roundcube plugin.
2013-03-18 Michael OrlitzkyIgnore the DAViCal superuser.
2013-03-18 Michael OrlitzkyWhitespace/comment cleanup.
2013-03-18 Michael OrlitzkyAdd another totally-untested plugin: davical.