lib,test: replace connection query() method with sync_exec{,_params}.
[mailshears.git] / test /
2020-07-25 Michael Orlitzkylib,test: replace connection query() method with sync_e... master 0.0.4
2020-04-15 Michael Orlitzkytest/sql: set default_with_oids=false everywhere.
2017-03-05 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a test to ensure that "nonexistent" AgenDAV users...
2017-03-05 Michael OrlitzkyFix expected test output for AgendavMv.
2017-03-05 Michael OrlitzkyRun "gem 'minitest'" to silence a stupid warning.
2017-03-05 Michael OrlitzkyFix ownership issues in the agendav.sql test schema.
2017-03-05 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate fixtures in the test suite setup() comments.
2017-03-05 Michael OrlitzkyFix the AgenDAV fixures SQL, again.
2017-03-05 Michael OrlitzkyFix the new AgenDAV fixtures SQL.
2017-03-05 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate AgenDAV fixtures for the v2.1.0 schema.
2017-03-05 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate the AgenDAV test schema for v2.1.0.
2015-11-09 Michael OrlitzkyMove the script to a harmless location.
2015-11-09 Michael OrlitzkyFix warnings with newer minitest versions. 0.0.1
2015-11-08 Michael OrlitzkyFix Postfixadmin alias updating (don't leave commas...
2015-11-08 Michael OrlitzkyWrap all close() calls in "ensure" blocks and simplify...
2015-11-05 Michael OrlitzkyAdd some tests for moving users.
2015-11-05 Michael OrlitzkyMake pruning use the correct config and clean up *befor...
2015-11-04 Michael OrlitzkyFix variable names in the prune tests.
2015-11-04 Michael OrlitzkyAdd an idempotence test for pruning.
2015-11-04 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a test case for prune.
2015-11-04 Michael OrlitzkyAdd some new fixtures in preparation for prune tests.
2015-11-04 Michael OrlitzkyRemove pointless include.
2015-11-03 Michael OrlitzkyRename mail_root to dovecot_mail_root for consistency.
2015-11-03 Michael OrlitzkyBegin cleaning up the test code to add some prune/mv...
2015-11-02 Michael OrlitzkySwitch to MiniTest and update the test output.
2015-10-30 Michael OrlitzkyAdd missing principal stuff to the Davical fixtures.
2014-01-05 Michael OrlitzkyMake list_users() methods public in several plugins.
2014-01-04 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a real rm test.
2014-01-04 Michael OrlitzkyMean business when testing.
2013-10-07 Michael OrlitzkyAdd some fixture code.
2013-10-07 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a test suite which just creates/deletes databases...