Don't fail if the source user doesn't exist during an AgendavMv.
[mailshears.git] / mailshears.gemspec
2016-11-08 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate the project homepage.
2015-11-09 Michael OrlitzkyMove the script to a harmless location.
2015-11-08 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a man page.
2015-11-04 Michael OrlitzkyUse semantic bound on pg library.
2015-11-03 Michael OrlitzkySwitch to the Affero GPL3 license.
2013-09-29 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a bunch more crap and rewrite a bunch more crap...
2012-04-16 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate the homepage in the gemspec file.
2012-04-09 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the GPL3 'LICENSE' file.