Remove the default configuration module.
[mailshears.git] / lib /
2012-04-19 Michael OrlitzkyRemove the default configuration module.
2012-04-19 Michael OrlitzkySwitch from constants to variables in the Configuration...
2012-04-16 Michael OrlitzkyReorder the default config file to make more sense.
2012-04-09 Michael OrlitzkyBe silent if the user does not have a configuration...
2012-04-09 Michael OrlitzkyLoad the default configuration file in lib/mailshears.rb.
2012-04-09 Michael OrlitzkyRestructure the lib directory to avoid name collisions.
2012-04-09 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the GPL3 'LICENSE' file.
2012-04-08 Michael OrlitzkyRename 'src' to 'lib' to match every other Ruby project...