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[mailshears.git] / doc / TODO
1 * When we delete a domain, do we delete all of the accounts, too? Or
2 just the domain? We can do this in either the runner or the plugin.
4 At the moment, it's mixed. The RmRunner does it manually, but e.g.
5 the PostfixadminDbRm plugin also deletes the mailboxes when the
6 domain is deleted.
8 One doesn't seem any better than the other, but maybe if you
9 consider that some of the plugins have no-ops for
10 delete_domain(). Those could be made to actually do something
11 (i.e. delete all matching account names). Then we could get rid of
12 the get_domain_accounts() or-whatever-it's-called methods.
14 * PostfixadminDb can be made a plugin -- prune just won't work without
15 it.
17 * Error reporting sucks, and when a domain or account doesn't exist we
18 should be able to say so. The describe_domain/account functions
19 should also work better. Depending on what we do in the first bullet
20 point, they could either return a list of names, or
21 NotImplementedError.