[mailshears.git] / doc / TODO
1 * There is essentially no error handling. We report errors, but we
2 don't fail when we see one. The main reason for this is that we
3 don't know when each plugin will be run. If the first plugin
4 encounters an error, we could quit right there. But what if the
5 third one fails after the first two succeed? We would need some kind
6 of rollback mechanism.
8 For "mv", a rollback is conceivable. But with "rm", there's no going
9 back. Maybe relying on the user to interpret the output and go
10 fix stuff himself is the best we can do?
12 * Add OpenDKIM support.
14 * Rename the "dovecot" plugin to "filesystem".
16 * Implement moving of domains.
18 * The AgenDAV "user exists" test is wonky, because there's no real
19 users in AgenDAV. Right now we check the "username" column in the
20 "prefs" table, but all of the shares (and principals?) have URLs
21 instead of usernames. We don't parse the URLs, and instead rely
22 on doing find/replace of substrings in e.g. AgendavMv.