Add more TODO items and remove the one about YARD docs (coming in a second).
[mailshears.git] / doc / TODO
1 * There is essentially no error handling. We report errors, but we
2 don't fail when we see one. The main reason for this is that we
3 don't know when each plugin will be run. If the first plugin
4 encounters an error, we could quit right there. But what if the
5 third one fails after the first two succeed? We would need some kind
6 of rollback mechanism.
8 For "mv", a rollback is conceivable. But with "rm", there's no going
9 back. Maybe relying on the user to interpret the output and go
10 fix stuff himself is the best we can do?
12 * Add OpenDKIM support.
14 * Write a man page.
16 * Update the README.
18 * Make a release.
20 * Should we wrap all of the connection.close() calls in "ensure"?
22 * Test deletion of a user "bar" who lies in the middle of a
23 goto="foo,bar,baz" alias.
25 * Make sure removing a domain updates the aliases table correctly.
27 * Factor out all of the msg-building in e.g. MvRunner.
29 * Implement moving of domains.