makefile: rename the test target to "check" as in autotools.
[haeredes.git] / makefile
2020-02-01 Michael Orlitzkymakefile: rename the test target to "check" as in autot...
2019-03-02 Michael Orlitzkymakefile: remove "hscolour" pass over the docs.
2014-04-18 Michael OrlitzkyBump the version and switch to tasty (from test-framework). 0.4.0
2013-09-03 Michael OrlitzkyClean up object files in `make clean`.
2013-07-31 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a doctest suite.
2013-07-25 Michael OrlitzkyRename to haeredes.
2013-07-23 Michael OrlitzkyInitial commit, Hello, World!