Fix a monomorphism restriction warning (GHC 8).
[haeredes.git] / haeredes.cabal
2015-11-16 Michael OrlitzkyVersion bump to change license.
2014-11-04 Michael OrlitzkyCabal version bump to 0.4.3. 0.4.3
2014-09-22 Michael OrlitzkyFix an example, loosen version bounds, and bump to... 0.4.2
2014-06-22 Michael OrlitzkyVersion bump to v0.4.1.
2014-04-18 Michael OrlitzkyBump the version and switch to tasty (from test-framework). 0.4.0
2013-10-05 Michael OrlitzkyFix parallelization and bump to v0.3.0. 0.3.0
2013-09-13 Michael OrlitzkyDepend on the major version of the dns library. 0.2.0
2013-09-13 Michael OrlitzkyChange versioning scheme to something more common.
2013-09-13 Michael OrlitzkyBump dns version dependency to >= 1.0.0.
2013-09-03 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a "timeout" command-line argument.
2013-08-01 Michael OrlitzkyBump version in the cabal file.
2013-08-01 Michael OrlitzkyAdd --no-append-root example to the cabal file.
2013-07-31 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a doctest suite.
2013-07-31 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a skeleton test suite.
2013-07-28 Michael OrlitzkyExplain the answer/authority section handling in the...
2013-07-28 Michael OrlitzkySupport hostnames as --server arguments.
2013-07-28 Michael OrlitzkyAdd missing period.
2013-07-27 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a man page, and add a description to the cabal...
2013-07-25 Michael OrlitzkyRename to haeredes.