2015-07-09 Michael OrlitzkyAdd back the TODO.
2015-07-09 Michael OrlitzkyFix compilation errors and hlint suggestions.
2015-07-09 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the no-equal-neighbors restriction for labels.
2015-07-09 Michael OrlitzkyAdd Pretty instances for Lists and pairs.
2015-07-07 Michael OrlitzkyAdd length (max 255) checking for domains.
2015-07-07 Michael OrlitzkyMore import/export cleanup.
2015-07-07 Michael OrlitzkyAdd new modules to the cabal file.
2015-07-07 Michael OrlitzkyAdd another TODO item (255 max).
2015-07-07 Michael OrlitzkyRestrict Pretty module exports/imports.
2015-07-07 Michael OrlitzkyFinish fleshing out the Domain module; update the TODO.
2015-07-07 Michael OrlitzkyMove the Pretty class into its own module.
2015-07-06 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the Domain module, work in progress.
2015-07-05 Michael OrlitzkySwitch license to AGPL-3.
2015-07-05 Michael OrlitzkyAdd weight parsing to DnsblSite.hs.
2015-07-05 Michael OrlitzkyUse explicit imports in IPv4Pattern.hs.
2015-07-05 Michael OrlitzkyRemove useless import from Main.hs.
2015-07-04 Michael OrlitzkyAdd more documentation and a pretty-printer to IPv4Pattern.
2015-07-04 Michael OrlitzkyOnly parse valid octets (0 - 255).
2015-07-04 Michael OrlitzkyEnable `make test` target.
2015-01-31 Michael OrlitzkyMove the IPv4 pattern stuff into its own module and...
2014-06-12 Michael OrlitzkyInitial commit of a big mess that sort of looks like...