Add a "threshold" to the configuration.
[dead/harbl.git] / harbl /
2015-07-18 Michael OrlitzkyAdd a "threshold" to the configuration.
2015-07-17 Michael OrlitzkyAdd Default and Ord instances for Weight.
2015-07-14 Michael OrlitzkySeparate the Network.DNS.RBL.Weight module and fix...
2015-07-13 Michael OrlitzkyFinish moving all of the DNS name components under...
2015-07-13 Michael OrlitzkyRemove underlying Char from Hyphen type.
2015-07-11 Michael OrlitzkyBegin moving the name parsers to the Network.DNS.RBL...
2015-07-11 Michael OrlitzkyAdd the Reversible class.
2015-07-10 Michael OrlitzkyReplace 'UserDomain' with 'Host' in the library.