Fix a few hlint suggestions.
[dead/halcyon.git] / src / Mail.hs
2013-07-13 Michael OrlitzkyFix a few hlint suggestions.
2013-07-04 Michael OrlitzkyRewrite everything to use the JSON API with OAuth authe...
2012-11-07 Michael OrlitzkySupply the "to" address to sendmail on the commandline.
2012-11-06 Michael OrlitzkyAccept a sendmail_path on the command line.
2011-12-11 Michael OrlitzkyUse the newer Data.Time library.
2010-10-25 Michael OrlitzkyUpdate the default headers to include a Content-Transfe...
2010-10-25 Michael OrlitzkyClean up compiler warnings.
2010-10-25 Michael OrlitzkyAdd default headers for MIME-Version and Content-type...
2010-10-15 Michael OrlitzkyMake the email date header RFC822-compliant.
2010-09-28 Michael OrlitzkyAdd Haddock documentation for most functions and types.
2010-09-28 Michael OrlitzkyWhitespace cleanup.
2010-09-28 Michael OrlitzkyInitial commit.